1. We need NCLEX-RN & IELTS/TOEFL Passers
  2. We need people who has USCIS/NVC Priority Dates
  3. Nurses who has 1 & 2, but lost their sponsors
  4. We need 2 years or more years of hospital experience & presently working in the hospital
  5. We currently need GICU – General Intensive Care Unit, MSICU – Medical-Surgical Intensive Care Unit, PICU – Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, NICU – Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Emergency Room, Operating Room, PACU – Post Anesthesia Care Unit, Telemetry Unit Labor & Delivery, and Medical-Surgical Unit:
    a. Neurosurgery Unit [Trauma, Head Injury]b. Cardiac Catherization Laboratory
    c. Ophthalmology Unit [Corneal Transplant]d. Oro-Laryngology Head and Neck Unit
    e. Spinal Unit
    f. PAIN Management Unit
    g. Cardiac Intensive Care Unit
    h. Cadio-Vascular Cath. Lab
    i. Thoracic Unit [Lung Transplant]j. Vascular Unit
    k. Liver and Hepato-Pancreato-Billiary Unit [Liver Transplant]l. Renal & Dialysis Unit [Renal Transplant]m. Urology Unit
    n. Obstetrics & Gynecology Unit
    o. Burn Unit
    p. Orthopedic Unit [Trauma, Reconstruction, Arthroplasty, Sports Medicine]q. Oncology Unit

Three (3) current Character/Work References READY FOR SKYPE INTERVIEW
Monday-Friday 8:00-11:00am Central Standard Time (CST). Available to deploy in any State.

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