Instructions or Help

To insert PDF of candidates

1. Login, Click Pages, Add New, Type the title ex. “PHN001-Resume”,

2. Click [Add Media] button, “Upload the Candidate Resume in pdf format”, then a string code will be inserted and don’t change anything on that script.

3. On the right page under “Parent” dropdown select which Category-Specialization the candidate belongs to.  Then Click [Publish]

4.At the upper page look for “Permalink” Copy the link in a file for your reference later.

5. Repeat 1 to 5 for the candidates Checklist.  Format title “PHN001-Checklist”

How to link your candidates’ Resume and Checklist?

Proceed to [Pages] or click [All Pages] and look for the Category where the candidate will be listed then select “View” under Resume  then click [Insert Link], then paste the resume link.

Select “View” under Checkl